Solana Smartphone Secures Record Number Of Orders

February 12, 2024 7:30 pm Comments

Solana is back with a new mobile phone, and the crypto community is showing interest.

Solana’s first crypto-enabled mobile phone sold around 20,000 units and retailed for around $1,000, but the company has already secured an impressive 100,000 pre-orders for the newly slated mobile device.

The phone, dubbed “Chapter 2” will hopefully be released sometime in 2025 and will focus on crypto-specific features rather than top-tier hardware.

Despite the heavy interest, Solana continues to have issues as a blockchain network.

The network has gone down several times now, with the most recent outage having taken place almost one week ago.

Developers on the Solana network say that an outage can happen again, at any time. Here’s more on the Solana Chapter 2 phone:

CoinDesk provided this statement from Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko:

“It’s really tough to beat Apple and Google on camera and the other” tech specs their leading smartphones boast.

That’s why we really care about the crypto-specific features. We are trying to build something that you can’t get on another device.”

However, not everyone was so convinced about Solana’s new mobile offering. One user writes: “If you want utility … buy bitcoin and Ethereum … yea solana gives airdrops to those that buy their phones , that too.”

Crypto Slate speculated:

The latest offering may represent a change in strategy.

Whereas Solana’s original Saga device was a smartphone, Solana Mobile’s website does not confirm that the latest device is a phone under the FAQ item “Is Chapter 2 a phone?” Rather, it only indicates that the device is mobile.

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