Square-Enix Isn’t Done With Blockchain Games Just Yet

January 2, 2023 7:53 pm Comments

Square-Enix is, perhaps, the most blockchain-oriented company in gaming.

The Japanese publishing giant, responsible for Final Fantasy and other Japanese role-playing games, is already heavily invested in web 3.0 games and has signaled that this will be their core focus in 2023.

A letter from CEO Yosuke Matsuda indicates that Square-Enix will focus mostly on building out this arm of their business:

Responses from the gaming community were overwhelmingly negative, with many calling for a return to game-focused development, rather than relying on play-to-earn schemes.

NFTs in particular were not received to mass fanfare in the gaming community, with many gamers viewing the move as the latest iteration of micro-transactions in games—particularly AAA titles.

According to Decrypt:

Square Enix is developing “multiple blockchain games” based on original IP, rather than its existing franchises, Matsuda wrote, and the firm plans to announce further games this year.

The firm is also still considering investment opportunities around blockchain. “[We] will continue to take stakes in promising businesses whether we find them in Japan or abroad,” he wrote.


Video Games Chronicle adds:

Matsuda concluded by acknowledging that much of the discussion around blockchain games was previously driven by investors, and as such focussed on the monetisation opportunities the technology could unlock.

He argued that increased discussion among the general public, and lessons learned from recent market turbulence, could now steer blockchain gaming in a direction that is ultimately more appealing to consumers.

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