Star Attorney Weighs In On Likelihood Of Ripple Victory

June 5, 2023 11:19 am Comments

Pro-XRP attorney, John Deaton, has weighed in on Ripple Labs’ chances of victory in the ongoing Ripple V SEC lawsuit.

In a recent episode of The Good Morning Crypto podcast, Deaton told audiences that Ripple only has a 25% chance of outright winning its lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission.

However, the chances of a partial victory for the blockchain company are 50%. This puts Ripple’s total chances of some sort of victory at 75%.

While these numbers may paint a sunny picture on the part of hopeful investors and speculators, they fall short of Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse’s earlier hopes of a total victory against the SEC.

Here’s what everyone is saying:

According to Daily Coin:

Deaton assesses the likelihood of Ripple securing an outright victory at 25% and a “splitting the baby” ruling at 50%. He asserts that the chances of the SEC prevailing with an outright win are less than 3%.

By “splitting the baby,” Deaton refers to the possibility of Judge Analisa Torres ruling that XRP was indeed offered as an unregistered security before 2018.

One Twitter user highlights the recent removal of Bill Hinman’s biography from the SEC’s website and how this is potentially reflective of broader developments.

Coin Telegraph explained:

This refers to Judge Torress “drawing a line in the sand,” where she could potentially rule that XRP was offered as an unregistered security before 2018.

However, in the wake of the Hinman documents — which refer to internal SEC messages related to a 2018 speech given by former SEC Director William Hinman — it’s possible that cryptocurrencies can transition from securities to commodities once they become sufficiently decentralized.

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