The Cartoon Bear Is Back On Christmas Eve! March 13, 2022?

December 24, 2021 3:19 pm Comments

WARNING: if you do not like riddles and cartoon bears, this article is not for you….

For everyone else, it’s Christmas come early.

A day early, that is.

Because @BearableGuy123 just posted his newest cartoon bear riddle and it’s a beauty.

Take a look:

And here is a zoom-in:

To start off, I am not the best at decoding these.

I leave that to others.

I’m a reporter, not a cartoon-bear-decoder, but I did notice a few things…

I’m sure many of you noticed a lot more or can explain deeper meaning, but here are some of the things I noticed:

First, let’s look at the top shelf of the bookshelf:

I see some names I recognize!

The great HODOR who disappeared after posting several in-depth articles early on that led many to believe he had inside information.

I like how it says Volume One, indicating HODOR may return soon to write more.

Then we have “WHAT IS UP GOOD PEOPLE”….by Jungle Inc….shout out to Jungle!

Next is Hester Peirce for a book called “Reframing Financial Regulation”….that should need to explanation.

Then we have XRP Baby! by CKJ.

And of course….”Heyyyyyyy guys” for the “Working Money Channel”….shout out to Working Money!

Awesome stuff!

Just one question: where is my man Digital Asset Investor and Digital Perspectives?  No love on the top shelf?

Now let’s check out the second shelf:

Where we see Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” and the Bearable Guy Chronicles….

And a hat with some mistletoe?

Next up was this symbol, which I did not recognize.

@Ultra0702 says it is the symbol for wealth, gotta like that:

Then we have the bottle of perseverance, which is empty, meaning the #XRPArmy’s long wait may finally be over?

And of course we have Brad blasting off to the moon, or actually, is that a star?


Looks to me like the moon is in the corner.

The king (Federal Reserve?) does not look happy:

One eagle-eye caught this:

And then the big one….

A big red heart on March 13, 2022:

I don’t know what it means, but all I can tell you is we’ll be watching that date and if something significant happens my mind will be blown!

Let me know what else you noticed in the comments below!

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