The Latest Twist In The Ripple V SEC Lawsuit

December 24, 2022 8:33 pm Comments

Those hoping for a swift end to the Ripple V SEC lawsuit have seen those hopes dashed…

Both parties have filed for extensions to file Daubert motions—a procedure in which unqualified evidence is sifted through in order to prevent such items from being presented to a jury.

These motions must be filed by January 13th and will push the resolution of the lawsuit back until March of 2023—which is the best-case timeframe for the resolution of the lawsuit.

It was previously reported that the SEC is still fighting tooth and nail to keep the Hinman documents from the public.

The regulatory agency has even gone so far as to threaten to appeal the entire case if the Hinman documents are made public—a move that the SEC claims will improperly expose the inner workings of the government bureau.

SEC attorneys will no doubt press further to address the issue of the Hinman documents in their Daubert motion.

This thinly veiled threat has added another dimension to the ongoing lawsuit that has complicated matters even more, as the SEC legal team must not only resolve the current lawsuit but leave little to no grounds for the SEC to appeal the entire case.

Attorney James K. Filan provided these updates:

ZY Crypto reports that Ripple has scored a minor legal victory regarding Daubert motions:

The court granted the company’s request to redact documents submitted in connection with the Daubert Motions. In particular, Ripple was permitted to redact case documents submitted by MoneyGram and “third party A’s.”

MoneyGram, formerly a Ripple partner, requested to redact the deposition transcript of one of its officers.

According to U Today, the SEC did not fare as well regarding Daubert filings:

The SEC had a minor loss as its motion was granted and denied in part. The court denied the SEC’s request to redact the names of the consulting firms that assisted its expert witness and otherwise granted its requests to redact the documents and exhibits submitted in connection with the Daubert motions.

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