The Story Of The Forgotten Ghislaine Maxwell Bitcoin Post On Reddit

March 20, 2024 4:16 pm Comments

Convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison at FCI Tallahassee after being found guilty of trafficking girls for Jeffery Epstein, but when she was not committing horrific crimes, Maxwell appeared to spend a lot of time posting on Reddit.

Three years ago, a Reddit user by the handle u/maxwellhill, who is believed to be Ghislaine Maxwell, posted a story on the technology subreddit titled: “Someone Mysteriously Sent Almost $1 Billion in Bitcoin”.

The article was a report published by Vice and can still be read today here.

Shortly after u/maxwellhill posted the article, the user stopped posting any articles on Reddit and has never posted any more since Maxwell was arrested and later convicted.

U/maxwellhill has even disappeared from Reddit completely, which is a bizarre move for an account that ranked number 8th all-time in Karma(the upvotes awarded to Reddit users).

Per Metacalus:

In 2020, people posted on 4chan, Twitter and then Reddit a theory that the Reddit account maxwellhill belongs to Ghislaine Maxwell, who at the time of writing has been charged with enticement of minors and sex trafficking of underage girls.

u/maxwellhill was the first account to receive 1 million “karma” (points) on Reddit, and at the time the conspiracy theory aired was in the top 10 accounts for karma received.

The account is a moderator for a large number of subs (forums), and was for 14 years a regular poster on Reddit.

The conspiracy relies on circumstantial evidence:

  • Maxwell’s surname appears in the Reddit username maxwellhill, a prolific poster, has posting gaps at times when
  • Maxwell is known or suspected to have been otherwise engaged
  • maxwellhill says their birthday is in December, and after the 21st of December, which matches Maxwell’s 25 December birthday.
  • Most significantly, maxwellhill has not posted publicly since 1 July 2020. Maxwell was arrested on 2 July 2020.

Here’s the account posting about Bitcoin again:

Vice, however, has downplayed the theory Ghislaine Maxwell was a big-time Redditor and has called the claims a conspiracy.

Per Vice:

An incoherent and evidence-free conspiracy theory that Ghislaine Maxwell controlled one of the most powerful Reddit accounts of all time has quickly gone from 4chan and Twitter to spreading like wildfire on Reddit, leading to the harassment of the user who controls the account.

The conspiracy theory suggests that Maxwell, who was arrested last week by the FBI on counts of sex trafficking and enticement of minors related to her relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has spent the last 14 years amassing a large amount of fake internet points by posting thousands upon thousands of links on Reddit.

The “evidence” shared by conspiracy theorists is that the user in question, u/MaxwellHill, has the word “Maxwell” in their name. The conspiracy theory’s architects claim that gaps in the user’s posting history are tied to what they believe to be significant events in Ghislaine Maxwell’s life that apparently would have precluded her from posting links to articles about climate change, insects, Bitcoin, and a host of other various general news, as the account has dutifully done since 2006. They also have glommed onto a 2011 Gizmodo article in which MaxwellHill mentioned they were “busy with a potential business venture.”

The spread of the MaxwellHill conspiracy shows yet again how quickly anyone’s farfetched and evidenceless theories can whip thousands of people into a frenzy, and how random users of social media can be caught in the jumble. Redditors are now endlessly scrolling thousands of this user’s posts trying to find hidden clues and evidence of wrongdoing, trying to determine who this person really is, and studying the minute details of the lives of everyone named “Maxwell Hill” on Facebook and their supposed whereabouts during apparently notable dates in Ghislaine Maxwell’s life.

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