The Winner of Our Camo Hat Giveaway Announced!

February 26, 2022 2:47 pm Comments

Last week, we opened up a 100% free giveaway for one of our ProCoinNews Camo hats.

We don’t sell them and you can’t buy one, but we sometimes give them away for fun.

It IS the official Hat of the Digital Asset Investor Hunting and Fishing Club after all…

That Giveaway has now ended but here’s how it looked:

And as promised, that means we have to award a winner…

Drawn at random by our software “RafflePress” was Tefal man XRP (@TefalX) on Twitter!

He’s already been notified and claimed the prize and we’ll be shipping out the hat later today.

Here was our announcement:

Give him a shout out and a congratulations on winning the hat!

And since everyone had a lot of fun with this, we thought we’d do one more…

Sound good to you?

As always, it’s 100% free to enter and we even cover shipping if you win.

Enter here:

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