Trump Family Threatens To Sue TrumpCoin

January 30, 2022 8:35 pm Comments

Eric Trump, the son of the former president Donald Trump, recently stated on Twitter that he would take legal action against TrumpCoin for using his family’s name fraudalently.

The obscure TrumpCoin is not a crypto that was recently launched and has actually been around for 6 years before someone in the Trump family finally noticed.

In the tweet, Eric Trump criticizes the coin saying that the coin has nothing to do with their family and that they never gave them permission to use the Trump name.

The coin had first launched sometime during the first quarter of 2016 during presidential campaign season that year which was where it started to get some traction.

Apparently, it looks like the TrumpCoin team expected this would happen at some point and were not phased at all from the accusation from Eric Trump.

CoinTelegraph reports:

The TrumpCoin team apparently anticipated litigation at some point from the Trump family.

About 24 hours after Eric’s threat, the TrumpCoin Twitter account fired back by highlighting a disclaimer on its website that acknowledges that TrumpCoin is in no way affiliated with the Trump family or any of its related properties.

TRUMP is currently trading at $0.28 with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,313, according to CoinGecko.

This is not the first time that the Trump family was somehow involved with crypto.

Recent news involved Melania Trump auctioning off her hat for a hefty price tag and the payment ended up being completed via Solana.

Donald Trump himself has not personally been involved in crypto yet as it seems the former president thinks that crypto is a threat to the dominance of the United States dollar.

This isn’t the first time that a crypto project has come into legal trouble due to legal naming rights.

Reportedly in the past few years, there was a crypto token created for the Lord of the Rings called the JRR token.

Unfortunately, that crypto ended up being taken down due to infringement of the copyright and other intellectual property.

Nevertheless, the dispute on Twitter has caused quite a bit of commotion from members of the crypto community due to the humorous nature. reports:

At the time of writing, Eric Trump’s tweet has garnered 1.3K comments. It has been retweeted 3.5K times and liked 11.4K times.

Some people pointed out that the Trumpcoin website clearly states that the cryptocurrency is not affiliated with the Trump brand in any way.

Several others told Eric that the Trump family does not own the word “Trump.” A few mocked the Trump family for noticing a coin that has been around since 2016 for the first time.

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