Trump Responds After Wife Melania Releases New Digital Collectibles

October 6, 2023 7:56 pm Comments

As Procoinnews reported earlier on Friday, Melania Trump has released a new digital memorabilia collection called “About A Red, White and Blue Christmas”

According to the site USA Memorabilia, Melania’s new collection consist of “five limited edition Christmas ornaments with corresponding digital collectibles.”

Melania took to Twitter earlier and wrote “I am pleased to continue USA Memorabilia’s tradition of celebrating the season with A Red, White and Blue Christmas. This year, I found myself looking to my love for our great nation for inspiration.”

President Trump himself has promoted the new project and took to Truth Social posted link to Melania’s collection and wrote “Great job, Melania, the children really love you!”

Take a look:

Per OK Magazine:

Donald Trump made a rare comment about his wife, Melania Trump, on Truth Social on Friday, October 6.

“Foster children need our support, resources, empowerment to achieve their American dream. #MelaniaTrump,” the post from USAmemorabilia read. “The Ornaments from A Red, White and Blue Christmas Collection support #FosteringtheFuture, a #BeBest initiative. Available at #USAmemorabilia:”

In response to the shout-out, Trump, 77, wrote: “Great job, Melania, the children really love you!”

Read more about the collection here:

Melania Trump Releases NEW Digital Collectibles

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