Trump Tokens Surge Amid Former President’s Legal Troubles

February 6, 2024 5:49 pm Comments

Trump-themed tokens are surging in price amid the former President’s legal troubles.

Members of the crypto community are buying up coins such as TRUMP and TUCKER, the latter of which is a nod to the now-legendary news and media personality Tucker Carlson.

In addition to the TRUMP coin, there are also collections of Trump NFTs that have been trading on the open market since last year.

Although I am pro-Trump I must caution our readers that this is not investment advice and investing in any meme coin can carry substantial risk.

Always do your research before making any investment. Here are just some of the reactions from the crypto community regarding Trump-themed tokens, feel free to read on, but again, do your own research!

According to Crypto News:

Several Donald Trump-related tokens have experienced a 100% surge in price in the past 24 hours across various blockchains, following a February 6 announcement by Mechanism Capital.

James Wyn had this to say: “If you’re not pro Donald Trump, you’re an idiot and you best un-follow me now. It’s all I’ll be talking about in the coming months, especially the dedicated meme coin surrounding TRUMP.”

CoinDesk reports:

A crypto wallet thought to be directly owned or operated by Trump, as per labeling by the on-chain platform Arkham, holds over $1 million of these TRUMP tokens.

The wallet originally received $7,100 of TRUMP from the meme coin’s developers between August and October of last year but grew significantly in value as their use as a proxy bet on Trump’s campaign grew.

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