Two New Damning Videos Surface Exposing The SEC

January 25, 2022 8:17 pm Comments

As one person put it on Twitter today: CASE OVER!

That’s how bad two newly discovered videos are for the SEC and their argument that Bill Hinman’s speech was “just his personal opinion.”

I’ll see you Bill Hinman speech and I raise you two Jay Clayton videos!

Here’s the first and listen for all the “we” language:

Eleanor Terrett has been all over the story:

Here’s more:

Credit to DigitalSpaceRider for then finding and posting ANOTHER video clip with “we” language:

Gary, Jay, Bill and the rest of the boys may not want to log into Twitter right now because it is NOT going well for them online.

People are waking up and seeing this for what it is:

The ETH-Free-Pass:

They never thought we’d piece it all together.

But the XRP Community is a pretty amazing place.

You might even call it “decentralized” and packing a sting worse than a hornet’s nest.

Meanwhile, I have to end with this.

You have to love that business is booming for Ripple in spite of all this nonsense:

Leave it to @XRP_Productions to say what we all are thinking:

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