U.S. Senate Candidate Plans To Accept Shib As Campaign Contribution If Allowed

November 23, 2021 11:42 am Comments

Senate candidate Shannon Bray of North Carolina in a recent interview announced that he’s open to the idea of accepting Shib as a contribution to his campaign but before the Shib Army gets too excited, there’s a catch.

Bray who is running as a Libertarian is open to the idea of accepting Shib as a campaign contribution but as of right now he’s still looking into the legality of accepting Shib. The FEC (Federal Election Committee) previously ruled that “that federal political committees may accept a limited amount of Bitcoin to fuel their election efforts”. However, the FEC is not very clear on “alt coins” such as Shib.

Bray also mentioned the fact that he would also have to figure out a way to find out where the campaign contributions are coming from because U.S. law states that foreign nationals cannot give payments to political candidates.  That’s okay though because Shannon still has a back up plan if he’s not allowed to accept Shib as a campaign contribution, he plans to sell merchandise such a yard signs and coffee mugs in exchange for Shib.

Overall though Bray told Procoinnews that his main focusing isn’t on raising funds but rather giving back to his community. Right now Bray has a project that is raising Shib for homeless veterans. Bray who is a Navy veteran, decided to raise Shib for homeless veterans after his friend who was a veteran committed suicide after going through a rough time. If you would like to donate to Bray’s project check out this tweet below:


If you would like to hear more from Shannon Bray check out his full interview with Procoinnews below:

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