Uniswap Introduces Revolutionary, New Web Extension!

February 27, 2024 8:27 pm Comments

One of the biggest things holding crypto back is the user interface—everyone wants a better U.I. experience.

Uniswap has introduced a revolutionary, new web extension that will allow users to transact directly within their web browser without any pop-ups or complicated re-direction to other windows. Uniswap explained:

Users can place a Limit Order for any token, with any predefined price and duration, up to a year, on Ethereum. If the market for that token reaches the specified price, the swap executes.

If it does not reach the specified price within the set timeframe, the swap expires and is never executed. This feature provides users with the ability to execute trades automatically at their desired price, without needing to constantly watch the market.

The DEX protocol announced that users will be able to send, receive, and swap all their tokens in one place using this nifty, new web browser extension.

According to Uniswap, the waitlist has opened up for the extension, and interested users can join the waitlist below.

Coin Telegraph explained:

The uni.eth domain is based on the Ethereum Name Service and allows users to convert their 0x addresses into usernames. Over 100,000 uni.eth subdomains have been claimed as of February 25.

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