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Updated Timeline on Ripple/SEC Case From James K. Filan

April 20, 2022 1:53 pm Comments

The XRP community is blessed to have so many highly intelligent, skillful people active in the community.

It’s almost like it’s…decentralized or something!

The community also has a large group of attorneys helping us understand and process the complex litigation of the SEC vs. Ripple case.

We all know John Deaton (sign up for his Class Action lawsuit here if you haven’t yet).

Two other great legal voices are Jeremy Hogan and James K. Filan.

So when I saw Hogan retweeting Filan, it had my attention immediately.

James K. Filan gave a detailed 18-tweet (!) thread on how he sees the latest developments in the Ripple case and why there may still be several twists and turns to come.

And twists and turns take time.

As Jeremy Hogan says below, Filan is making sure we don’t get our hopes set too high:

Here is the original thread from James K. Filan that gives some really good info.

Thread  🧵 starts here:

They say you never really like attorneys until you need one…

And then you like YOUR attorney.

That certainly rings true for me, as I’m grateful for all the work and information Deaton, Hogan, Filan and others are putting out.

Keep up the great works fellas (and any XRP legal ladies out there)!

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