VeChain (VET) Partners With Draper University For Web 3.0 Innovation

March 23, 2022 9:51 pm Comments

Draper University has announced a new partnership with the VeChain network in order to launch programs that aim to help launch Web 3.0 businesses.

The program is called the VeChain Fellowship certificate program which will essentially provide entrepreneurial support and startup capital to individuals who launch Web3 businesses using the VeChain network.

Through the program, a few will then be included in the VeChain Web3 accelerator where $100k in funding will be provided in exchange for a small percentage of ownership in the startup.

VeChain sees this as a long term strategic vision in order to establish its position in the emerging Web 3.0 industry as well as organically building its development community in order to launch more innovative VeChain projects.

The university has also had a deeper history with the blockchain platform as the Draper Network was one of the first investment funds to back VeChain.

PRNewsWire reports:

The first is the VeChain Fellowship, a four week online certificate program for future founders to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and blockchain by Silicon Valley legends and industry experts.

Past Draper University speakers have included Naval Ravikant, Co-founder of AngelList, Vanessa Grellet, Head of Portfolio Growth at CoinFund, and Andy Bromberg, Co-founder of CoinList.

The program will offer two tracks – one for developers and one for entrepreneurs – that will run in parallel.

Each track will enable participants to learn the skills necessary to launch a successful Web3 startup, powered by VeChainThor.

There will also be 40 scholarships available to eligible future founders.

The company and the university expects this program to be able to attract top entrepreneurial and tech talent to the industry as there has been a large shift from traditional tech companies to crypto firms recently.

The initiative to take on the Web 3.0 space also indicates that there is potential in this market sector as the blockchain platform has primarily focused in the supply chain sector.

The platform’s vision was to help connect the blockchain world to the real world as a blockchain network that was built specifically for enterprises.

However, recently in 2021, VeChain has also helped SDGs implementations by using Web3 as the foundation and has continually expanded its focus of real-world blockchain applications.

VeChain already has a long roster of partnerships with existing enterprises such as Walmart, BMW, H&M Group, and more in many regions around the world.

As advancement in the Web 3.0 space by VeChain continues via the help of this program, this may also entice its partners to take part in the innovation in addition to Draper University.

CoinDesk concludes:

Draper University, a training center for entrepreneurs founded by billionaire venture capitalist and early crypto adopter Tim Draper, has partnered with blockchain application platform VeChain to launch new programs for those interested in starting and scaling Web 3 businesses.

Draper University previously held similar programs in partnership with blockchain innovation lab Tezos Israel and finance-focused blockchain Algorand.

The broader Draper Network of investment funds was an early backer of VeChain, which is a blockchain platform for supply chain and business process management.

The application period for the programs is now open. VeChain Fellowship program will run from April 18 through May 13, while the Accelerator will operate from July 11 to Sept. 7.

At the time of writing, VeChain’s native token VET is considered the 40th largest coin with a current total market capitalization of $3.55 billion.

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