VeChain’s VeCarbon Partners With Amazon Web Services To Expand Globally

May 10, 2022 3:30 pm Comments

VeCarbon is the VeChain blockchain’s initiative that focuses on being able to deliver blockchain based carbon management services to countries all around the world.

It has already successfully completed multiple pilots which proves its use cases and is now working on expanding its services to other regions and industries.

One of the biggest requirements that needed to be satisfied in order for VeCarbon to be successful is having a large scale data analytics and storage solution to support all the data from VeChain’s platform.

In order to make this a success, the blockchain will be partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to make its mission a reality.

As a result, AWS has already been named as a technical partner which gives great news to the VeChain community and investors. reports:

After a comprehensive survey of cloud service providers, VeCarbon and AWS agreed to establish a technical partnership and build the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system.

But why?

To provide enterprise customers with a reliable carbon emission management system, data security and compliance are the key considerations for cloud infrastructure.

AWS is renowned for its compliance and data encryption capabilities, with powerful security features that provide users of the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system with unmatched cloud security.

AWS maintains a good cooperative relationships with Intel and AMD, ensuring adequate computing power options as well as Amazon Graviton2 instances based on ARM architecture, more than meeting the needs for carbon inventory data analysis.

VeChain’s carbon management services has already produced real world results that has benefited multiple industries and is not just theory unlike some other crypto projects.

So far, VeCarbon’s SAAS system is being used in industries like cement, building materials, food & beverage, and transportation.

The system helps its customers to achieve the ‘dual-carbon’ target while still allowing them to deliver value for their customers and minimizing operational costs.

VeChain has already recognized that the key element that makes all of this possible is the intelligent use of data and its blockchain platform makes that a service that all of its customers can easily tap into. concludes:

Looking ahead, VeCarbon will perform more extensive cooperation with AWS in the field of sustainable development and carbon management, introducing additional innovative technologies to the cloud.

Examples include machine learning technology to provide the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system with more comprehensive data analysis capabilities.

In addition, Shanghai Tanlian will also join the AWS Partner Network (APN), and by sharing market resources and business opportunities, more industrial customers can use VeCarbon’s professional digital carbon emission reduction tools and achieve the goal of “carbon neutrality”.

VeChain is considered one of the older blockchains that still remain extremely relevant today as the network was launched back in 2015.

As it continues to power real world blockchain applications across a variety of countries, the issue of scalability and management of its data always comes into question.

With its new partnership with AWS which is considered one of the top cloud solutions, the partnership will allow VeChain to scale as much as it needs.

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