VSA Partners and Rare Air Media Bring Jordan NFTs to Ripple’s XRPL

April 13, 2022 4:22 pm Comments

As a result of the recently launched Ripple Creator Fund, NFT uses cases have been coming to life on the XRP ledger through the efforts of thousands of creators.

The projects span many different industries including gaming, art, and the metaverse which proves how versatile the NFT industry can be and how Ripple’s technology can help support these use cases.

More recently, Rare Air Media is working with VSA Partners in order to bring a wide range of NFTs to the XRPL network which includes popular digital assets related to Michael Jordan’s life and career.

The move is expected to garner a lot of mainstream media attention and proves the practical NFT use cases of Ripple which makes it extremely competitive as a popular option when compared to other blockchain alternatives.

The fact that the network is making significant headway in this area is just an awesome bonus to the blockchain which is regarded as SWIFT 2.0 in the financial industry.

Ripple.com reports:

Now Rare Air Media, producer of Michael Jordan’s visual autobiography For the Love of the Game, is getting into the NFT game, too.

The company is working with VSA Partners, the premier creative agency partner to Ripple’s Creator Fund, to design, develop, and market a range of NFTs on the XRPL, including a one-of-a-kind selection of digital assets covering former NBA player Michael Jordan’s life and storied career.

The first batch of NFTs is expected to hit the market in Q2 2022 and will include an intimate selection of original, momentous images of Michael Jordan, accompanied by his personal thoughts and observations leading up to the photo.

As additional use cases for programmable, functional NFTs continue to be built out and tested across industries, the media & entertainment space has been among the earliest adopters of the technology: expanding NFT use cases across music, sports, ticketing, access rights, and beyond.

From celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton, to professional athletes like LeBron James, and major brands including Disney and the Grammys — it seems there is no shortage of possibilities for NFT applications in the industry.

The question often comes up on why there is a need to create NFTs on the Ripple blockchain.

The answer to that question is that the design of the XRP Ledger is built in a way that makes it easy for amateurs looking to get started on creating their first NFTs.

Additional benefits include the fact that transactions on XRPL are always fast, have low costs, are considered sustainable as part of being carbon neutral, and is easy to use due to its simplicity.

As a result, Ripple recognizes the advantageous position that it has over the industry and has kickstarted its creator fund to facilitate growth in the area.

Ripple.com concludes:

Whether you are new to the NFT space or are looking for a new ledger to build on, the XRPL is customizable to meet your NFT needs—large or small.

As one contributor to the growing XRPL community, we’re working closely with developers, creators, marketplaces, creative agencies and brands to help define the future of NFTs and the tokenization of assets in a low-cost, sustainable and accessible way.

As the Creator Fund and its supported NFT projects continue to grow and gain momentum, especially across the media & entertainment industry, it’s likely we will continue to see expanded uses and partnerships take shape—not only on the XRPL but across the broader tokenization landscape as a whole.

The organic growth of Ripple and XRPL is one of the key drivers that allow XRP investors to remain optimistic despite regulatory setbacks.

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