Want to Work At Ripple? They Are Hiring Over 300 Employees!

October 15, 2022 2:02 pm Comments

While most cryptocurrency projects and exchanges are laying off a large number of employees and contractors, Ripple is doing the exact opposite.

Ripple’s official Twitter account recently posted a tweet that stated “If you’re interested in using crypto to tackle real-world problems, we’re hiring!”

According to reports Crypto.com recently cut close to 30% of its employees whereas Coinbase cut close to 18%.

Ripple however has been hiring more and more employees and their latest tweets reveal they are not done yet!

In a recent interview CEO Brad Garlingouse stated that Ripple plans to hire over 300 employees this year and half of those jobs will be in places outside of the States.

Watch him make the declaration here:

U.Today added these details:

Ripple’s new hire will be part of the company’s design and marketing team, managing the company’s websites. That person will be responsible for guiding technology decisions and implementing different strategies. The job opening says the candidate must have deep knowledge of web development. On top of this, he or she should be “a strong leader and communicator” who will be capable of spearheading an in-house of front-end developers.

Read more on U.Today https://u.today/ripple-keeps-hiring-amid-bear-market

If you want a career at Ripple check out this link: Jobs at Ripple

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