WARNING: How To Protect Yourself Against Common Crypto Scams!

August 28, 2022 10:01 pm Comments

As crypto is still in the process of continuing to mature as a market, it is evident that there are still many online crypto scams that are going on.

Unsuspecting investors may find themselves in risky situations if they are not aware of how some of these crypto scams work.

With that being said, using common sense and following a set of guidelines will help prevent one from losing their crypto and ensure that your crypto assets are protected from common scams.

For example, one rule is to never use a public wifi when making a crypto transaction as there is the possibility of transaction data that contains personal information being stolen.

JamesRulesXRP shares on Twitter multiple other guidelines that should always be followed to keep your crypto safe:


A company will NEVER contact you.
Delete all emails, texts, social media interactions, etc.

NEVER send CRYPTO to unknown wallets.

Your CRYPTO is your MONEY/INVESTMENTS. ALSO, the following will NEVER contact you:
ME, ANY other social media influencer, A Crypto/Fintech Company, An Exchange, A Crypto Wallet/Provider, Amazon, PayPal, UPS/FedEx, Social Security Office, YOUR bank


The email/contact etc. always starts with: You may lose your access/crypto/membership etc.

OPEN the APP on your phone. it works! DELETE the scams immediately.

One of the most important things that was also mentioned is to never share seed or recovery phrases anywhere online.

Instead, it should only be written down physically and locked up somewhere secure for only when you need it.

This ensures that only the owner of the crypto wallet will have access to the crypto assets and that it cannot be stolen by a thief.

Authenticator apps also need to be backed up and be manually transferred whenever you have a new device because you got a new phone or lost your old one.

By doing the process manually, it ensures that the security of the data is at the maximum level possible.

JamesRulesXRP concludes with a message:

It breaks my heart to see real, honest to goodness members of this community, lose their investments to the scammers.

We are all trying to provide for our families and at the same time, the scammers are trying to HELP you send them YOUR investments.


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