WATCH: Ben Armstrong, Formerly Known As BitBoy, Stages ‘Stand-In’ At SEC!

January 9, 2024 1:20 pm Comments

Ben Armstrong is at the Securities and Exchange Commission and he just isn’t leaving. …

At least not until a Bitcoin ETF is approved! The controversial crypto influencer is staging a sort of stand-in at the SEC and claims he will not be leaving the premises until the approvals come through.

At least one firm, VanEck claimed that their Bitcoin ETF should be trading as early as Thursday.

Additionally, several commissioners at the SEC have also voiced support for the inbound ETF, and the SEC is holding numerous meetings with the various entities that have submitted Bitcoin ETF applications.

Safe to say, a Bitcoin ETF is almost certain to be approved in the next couple of days, though this likelihood is not absolute. Take a look at the YouTube video Armstrong made below of his stand-in demonstration outside the SEC:

Ben Armstrong stated: “I don’t celebrate wins by relaxing. Once I get the Bitcoin ETF approved this week, my next step will be to get the Ethereum ETF approved. All of this could be done by middle of Q2 if not end of Q1. So much work to do.”

The crypto influencer told his followers: “Today I’m going to attempt something that to this date, no one has been able to do. From the Winklevoss Twins to Cathie Wood to Blackrock, no one has been able to get a Bitcoin ETF approved. Today, I’m heading to DC to push this thing over the finish line. Today live at 12pm.”

Daily Coin had more from Armstrong:

“Many men have tried before to do what I’m trying to accomplish here. The fact is, when this ETF gets approved because I’m here, they’re going to be annoyed with me. You guys are all going to respect me, this is really going to be my Mount Rushmore moment in crypto.”

One member of the crypto community found Armstrong’s antics amusing and wrote: “I can’t believe Ben Armstrong is holding THAT SIGN live streaming outside the SEC! LEGEND!”

According to The Block:

“We’re expecting the SEC will deem the ETFs effective at close of business on Wednesday and the trading to begin on Thursday morning,” Valkyrie Investments co-founder and CIO Steven McClurg told The Block in an interview.

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