WATCH: Cardano Vasil Update Faces Yet ANOTHER Delay

July 29, 2022 12:50 pm Comments

Cardano investors were recently given assurances by developers that the long-awaited Vasil hard fork would not be delayed.

Unfortunately, yesterday was a day of broken promises, as the technical manager of IOG, Kevin Hammond, came out to tell the Cardano community that the Vasil update would be delayed yet again.

Estimates show a delay of only a couple of weeks, but no official timeline has been given.

So far, the dev team has managed to address a critical vulnerability affecting Defi protocols and staking operators; they will be running the latest iteration of the blockchain via a testnet to hammer out bugs.

Investors seem to have taken news of the delay well—citing increased network security as having priority over a quick and expedient solution.

As a quick disclosure, I am invested in ADA. Here’s what we currently know:

Crypto Potato provided more details:

IOG’s Vice President of Community & Ecosystem, Tim Harrison, believes the delay will ensure that API developers and exchanges are ready to progress through Vasil.

In terms of exchanges, the devs are targeting 80% integration by liquidity. For stake pool operators (SPOs), the devs need at least 75% updated to the final version of the node.


Coin Telegraph offered this quote from IOG technical manager, Kevin Hammond:

“Obviously, from where we are, there could be a few more weeks before we go to the actual Vasil hard fork […] This is incredibly important. All the users must be ready to progress through the hard fork to ensure a smooth process.”

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