Watch John McAfee’s Cryptocurrency Primer

January 16, 2023 3:37 pm Comments

Before his tragic death at a prison in Spain, John McAffee released a video on Twitter titled “A Cryptocurrency primer for those who know nothing about it.”

In the video, McAfee expressed that digital currency could replace fiat currencies.

He would then point out that the leading benefit of crypto is its permissionless nature, as opposed to fiat money.

The tech guru would proceed to explain crypto doesn’t require approval from a financial institution to transfer cryptocurrencies anywhere across the world.

McAfee would conclude by saying that the second advantage of virtual money is its trustlessness.

Watch McAfee’s full take on crypto here:

Lately John McAfee’s Twitter has been active but it’s not what you think.

Read more about it here:

John McAfee’s Twitter ACTIVE After Two Years Of No Tweets

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