WATCH: Ripple And The War Between Central Bankers And The Treasury

October 18, 2022 9:42 am Comments

In a largely speculative video, Staple Crew shared some insights on the potential future of XRP and Ripple.

According to him, a market maker has informed him that they are meeting with Ripple and that the meeting may potentially involve Ripple providing ODL to government treasuries.

He also went on to claim that state treasuries are increasingly at odds with central bankers.

It’s no secret that central banks are the primary source of inflation due to rampant monetary printing that now threatens the stability and sovereignty of entire nations.

Currently, U.S. inflation is reported as 8.2%, though some speculate that the actual number is much higher. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has announced several interest rate hikes in an effort to curb the issue.

Despite the Fed’s efforts and several rate increases in 2022, inflation shows no sign of slowing.

With Ripple’s ODL services already making their way into several countries like France and Sweden, is it only a matter of time before we see these services come stateside?

More importantly, will Ripple’s ODL services become the global standard for government treasuries?

Here are some of Staple Crew’s thoughts:

Ripple’s ODL services are already being utilized by corporate clients in Europe for their treasury operations and this may be a sign of things to come in the United States.

The jump from corporate to government affairs is not such a large leap and Ripple’s services are already seen as a major competitor to SWIFT.

Ripple may just become a one-stop shop for all things financial including ODL for state treasuries, cross-border payments, smart contracts, and tokenized assets:

Ripple touted the benefits of its ODL services to its European clientele:

Ripple’s new partnership with Lemonway comes at a time when France has been showing itself to be forward-thinking when it comes to embracing the potential of crypto technology.

In partnering with Ripple, Lemonway is able to drive operational efficiencies by eliminating the need for Lemonway to pre-fund accounts abroad, giving them the opportunity to use previously trapped pre-funded capital to grow and scale their business.

Ripple has also announced a second new ODL customer, its first in Sweden. Swedish money transfer provider Xbaht enables money movement between Sweden and Thailand.

Xbaht’s new partnership with Ripple sees the company offering instant and cost-effective retail remittances via ODL, supported by Tranglo, the cross-border payment hub based in Singapore.

Market Watch reports that the U.S. Treasury is suffering from liquidity issues:

Yellen noted that the balance-sheet capacity of broker-dealers to participate in market making hasn’t expanded much while overall Treasury supply has increased, Bloomberg reported, noting that while Treasury supply has jumped since the end of 2019, big financial institutions have been reluctant to increase market-making activity as a result of the supplementary leverage ratio regulation, or SLR, which requires them to put capital aside against such activity.

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