World Bank: XRP and XLM Stablecoins? Mistake or Something MUCH Bigger?

February 5, 2022 3:43 pm Comments

This article is going to dig into the question of XRP and XLM recently being labeled as “stablecoins” by the World Bank.

And it’s going to feature shoutouts to two of my favorite YouTubers, Moon Lambo and Brad Kimes.

In case you haven’t heard, the World Bank recently released a report where they labeled XRP and XLM as stablecoins.

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency space for any length of time, it’s immediately obvious to you that XRP and XLM are not remotely close to being stablecoins.

Yes, XRP has a tendency to sit at the same price range for long periods of time and then make sudden and violent moves….but those moves are exactly why it doesn’t resemble anything close to a stablecoin.

Many XRP haters like to call XRP a stablecoin as a derogatory term, and that’s fine…it’s just not accurate.

When you go from $.25 to $3.84 in the span of something like 20 days as XRP did in 2017, there isn’t anything “stable” about that.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of “stablecoins” somehow being pinned to the U.S. Dollar, as if the Dollar is “stable”?

Every single dollar you hold is currently losing 7% a year in purchasing power…and that loss is likely to accelerate in the future.

Is that stable?

Is losing 7% each year stable?

If so, count me out!

But I digress…

Back to the story about the World Bank, because this really is a huge story that almost no one in the “Mainstream” crypto media is covering.

The World Bank just issued a report (read it here) that classifies XRP and XLM as stablecoins.

Here is a snapshot of one of the key sections:

Here is the full page discussing XRP and XLM:

Here is the cover page of the report, and I have to laugh at the “Public Disclosure Authorized” on the left side.

How nice of the folks at the World Bank to authorize this disclosure to us plebs:

Now let’s analyze…

As I posted yesterday on Twitter, there are really only two conclusions you can draw from this:

So either the World Bank is wildly misinformed about cryptocurrencies and made a massive blunder in their report or…as the Digital Asset Investor likes to say “all the world’s a stage” and they already know what’s coming?

…and they just published this a little too early?

Or maybe good old Bitboy was right and the SEC case was supposed to be resolved by now and XRP and XLM were already supposed to have made their moves?

Perhaps a price set was already supposed to have happened and they forgot to edit this part out of the report?

Hmmm, which is more likely?

All I can say is that the World Bank is not known for wild errors and sloppy work.

So now let’s move to two of my favorite YouTubers.

First let’s go to Moon Lambo who took offense at the “stablecoin” label and did a great job of deconstructing the label.

Watch here:

But if I could, may I humbly suggest that perhaps it’s bigger than this?

Perhaps a price set is incoming?

Perhaps XRP and XLM have always been targeted to become stablecoins moving the world’s money?

Remember that phrase…”all the money”?

I do.

Maybe this has all been planned for a very long time.

Maybe the SEC case was by design to get a formal ruling that XRP is not a security (Howey Test) but is instead a Note (Reves Test)?

Maybe XRP will be “managed” in the same way the FED (tries to) manage the interest rate today?

And maybe the World Bank just jumped the gun with their report?

All of that and much more is what Brad Kimes proposes in his latest video from today.

Watch here:

As Moon Lambo would say, everyone is entitled to their “o-pin-yown” and Brad Kimes lays out a big one here!

Love what both of these guys are doing…

Keep up the good work fellas!

We’ll continue to monitor this story and report on future developments but just remember you might have just seen the future and you heard it FIRST from ProCoinNews.

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