XRP Army Planning a “Walk on Washington” Rally For December 10, 2021

December 7, 2021 7:33 am Comments

A new “Walk on Washington” is being planned.

Not by Republicans or Democrats but by the XRP Army.

News of the Rally first started to spread on Twitter:

Here are more details:

Let’s point out a few things:

First, this appears to be an organically-formed movement by the XRP community.

Second, the phrase “peaceful assembly” is emphasized on every publication and just so happens to be protected by our First Amendment.  So important.

Third, it appears that the December 10 date may have been strategically chosen to coincide with a key date on the Court docket:

Peaceful gathering to promote crypto in Washington, D.C. is very much needed and for those reasons, we here at ProCoinNews applaud the Rally and want to help get the word out.

We don’t play politics here at ProCoinNews, but we do call out the out-of-touch members of Congress like good old Maxine Waters:

Maxine, let us know when you get to the bottom of the whole “Bitcom” case!

Maybe you should subpoena the CEO of Bitcoin and haul him in front of Congress?

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