XRP Lawsuit: SEC Can’t Confirm If Video Of Bill Hinman Is Actually Bill Hinman

May 20, 2022 11:03 am Comments

As the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit continues to drag on, it seems that the SEC has once again made another bold claim.

The SEC just recently stated that they are now unable to confirm if the video of Bill Hinman is actually Bill Hinman himself.

In other words, the agency is saying that it can’t confirm something that should be obvious to a viewer that looks at the video.

This statement is made despite the fact that there is clear video and audio recordings of Bill Hinman being interviewed at a public event.

Speculators believe that this is likely another attempt from the SEC to slow the case down by dragging its feet and disputing every detail in the case.

CoinTelegraph reports:

Ripple is seeking for the court to order that the RFAs either be admitted or that the SEC provides amended responses.

In relation to RFAs focused on Hilman, the SEC has not been able to confirm a series of instances that essentially appear to be undeniable.

For example, despite Hinman being completely visible and audible during a recorded interview at a public event, the SEC has refused to confirm or deny if the recording is authentic or if the statements made by Hinman were actually him.

Notably, the YouTube video referenced by Ripple’s legal team appears to have been uploaded by the interviewer, Chris Brummer, who is a Georgetown law professor.

The account, which dates back to 2016, bears his name, profile picture links to all of his professionally affiliated websites.

The video of Hinman and the documents related to his speech have been a central focus point for much of the XRP lawsuit as many believe the contents could hold information that damages the SEC’s argument.

As a result, the SEC has been attempting to shield the documents by using various methods such as invoking the attorney client privilege.

However, even the use of such a privilege is being challenged by the Ripple team now.

As the SEC has stated that it can’t confirm whether or not the person in the video is Bill Hinman, the SEC is also refusing to challenge the authenticity of the video as well.

In other words, the SEC is claiming that it has no information at all and cannot comment on the video.

Such actions indicate that the SEC is not going to give any information at all which does not help the case move forward.

CoinTelegraph concludes:

On May 11, corruption watchdog Empower Oversight claimed to have documents obtained under a Freedom Of Information request which showed that Hinman had an undisclosed “direct financial interest” with the Simpson Thacher & Bartlett law firm which is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Commentators such as John Deaton, founder of legal news outlet Crypto Law, told his 198,000 Twitter followers that, “if Hinman didn’t submit the speech to conflicts screening it is game set & match.”

Whether or not this statement from the SEC will affect the timeline of the case is still unknown, but it seems that the SEC is utilizing everything to start disputes.

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