XRP News: Ripple May Be Secretly Working With Visa

February 12, 2023 11:29 am Comments

According to several online sources, it has been noticed that Visa has been working with multiple Ripple partners for the past few years.

This is happening despite the common knowledge that the SEC is in a lawsuit against Ripple where it accuses the company of selling unregistered securities.

Of course, as a result of the lawsuit, it would make sense that many big players would avoid bad publicity by disassociating themselves from Ripple in order to avoid heat from the SEC.

However, that does not mean that there aren’t any big players that may still be collaborating with Ripple behind the scenes.

This is even more likely given the recent lawsuit developments where it shows that Ripple has a significant chance of reaching a settlement and successfully defending its position that XRP is not considered a security.

Crypto-News-Flash reports:

Pseudonymous XRP Influencer 24HRSCRYPTO recently shared a video making the recent claims.

As per the crypto influencer, VISA has been working with at least four Ripple partners over the last few years.

This mode of working has either been through partnerships or via a complete acquisition. The influencer notes that if true, it could be a bull-case scenario for Ripple.

Some of the partners that Ripple has been working with include Dee Money, Earthport, CurrencyCloud, and Novatti.

From these fours, VISA has completely acquired Currency Cloud and Earthport. On the other hand, it has entered into partnerships with Novatti and Dee Money.

However, the two companies completely acquired by VISA no longer appear on Ripple’s customers’ page. Additionally, the partnerships seek to expand Ripple’s footprint and reach of Visa’s proprietary cross-border payment solutions without any mention of Ripple and XRP.

At this point in time, it is obvious that neither Visa or Ripple will probably willingly admit such information since the SEC lawsuit is still in progress.

However, it seems that the work that both companies are currently doing are heading towards the same direction.

Visa has been working on supporting digital asset transactions on its platform for a while now and Ripple has been working on its On-Demand Liquidity solution.

If the two would integrate their services to provide widespread instant cross border settlements that have little to no transaction fees, it would certainly be a game changer.

Influencers are claiming that would likely drive the price of XRP to around $100, but there are some big contingencies before that could happen.

With that being said, it is encouraged to pay close attention to what moves Ripple is doing and what traditional payment giants like Visa are doing to to understand what may be in store for the future.

NewsBTC concludes:

The influencer sees these connections as proof that Ripple and Visa are secretly working together. “Ripple goes in, Visa acquires it. Why? Because it’s the foundation. They’re going to create revenue from this,” the influencer concludes.

However, it is important to note that this is just speculation. Both Earthport and CurrencyCloud are no longer listed as partners on Ripple’s website.

Furthermore, these partnerships and acquisitions are usually about expanding the reach of Visa’s proprietary payment solutions – neither Ripple nor XRP were mentioned in the official press releases.

Therefore, it is difficult to claim that Visa is secretly collaborating with Ripple. Still, these are interesting connections that may play a role in the future.

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