XRPL Sidechain Gets New Upgrade!

January 4, 2024 11:30 am Comments

Xahau, a smart contract sidechain for the XRPL, has gotten a new upgrade.

The latest upgrade in version 2023.12.29+689 addresses several small bugs like ‘hook’ fixes and introduces efficiency upgrades aimed at making Xahau more pleasurable to use for the end user.

Node operators are urged to upgrade to the latest version of the software to avoid being blocked out of the network.

ProCoin News has provided the GitHub links for those running Xahau nodes, just follow the links in the tweets to upgrade your software.

Here are more details on the latest version upgrade and the Xahau smart contracts sidechain:

U Today featured more on the fixes introduced by the latest upgrade:

The upgrade includes the new amendment “fixXahauV1,” which enforces a namespace limit of 256 per account. The upgrade also contains some RPC fixes, which ensure that the delivered amount and CTID are correctly added to RPC calls.

XRPL CTO Richard AH announced on Wednesday: “Xahaud version 2023.12.29+689 was released today and introduces a number of small but important fixes and quality of life improvements. If you are running a Xahau node please upgrade now to avoid becoming amendment blocked.”

Gatehub explained how Xahau’s monthly validator rewards work:

Xahau’s Genesis Account is equipped with a Hook that controls the emission of Xahau token (XAH). This Hook, which is vital for network stability, requires a powerful governance arrangement to simplify monitoring, amendments, and replacements in response to developing network conditions.

While XRPL mainnet validators provide invaluable services to maintain the mainnet Ledger, they don’t receive any direct rewards. This often results in a shortage of actively managed validators.

As a solution to this issue, Xahau introduces the Genesis Hook Governance Game, a mechanism that rewards certain Validators for supervising the Hook. This creative approach encourages active participation and ensures that trusted accounts are rewarded.

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