Zhu Su Calls Out DCG—Imminent Collapse Inbound?

January 3, 2023 12:16 pm Comments

Zhu Su, one of the co-founders of Three Arrows Capital, recently called out Digital Currency Group.

Su ultimately accused the conglomerate which is comprised of CoinDesk, Foundry, Genesis, Grayscale Investments, and Luno, of being criminally fraudulent and having a value of $0.

Digital Currency Group reportedly lost $175 million in the wake of the FTX collapse and CEO Barry Silbert recently received an ultimatum letter from Cameron Winklevoss, of Gemini, requesting a deadline to address locked customer funds.

Gemini engaged in a lending scheme with Genesis, however, due to the collapse of FTX and the pressures from the ongoing bear market, Genesis suspended all customer withdrawals on November 16th, 2022.

This pause on withdrawals left Gemini customers without their funds and no current recourse for the return of their investments.

Zhu Su went on to say that he expects creditors to bankrupt Genesis and DCG in the coming days; here’s everything he had to say about Digital Currency Group:



Crypto Potato writes:

Zhu, who was recently claimed to have been on the run, also accused DCG and FTX of misdirecting for months and using different techniques to attack the hedge fund. He further alleged that the two companies raked in more deposits while being insolvent in anticipation that the market would go up.


CoinDesk reports via MSN News:

The co-founder of Gemini has accused DCG CEO Barry Silbert of “bad faith stall tactics” as their companies lock horns over a business disagreement precipitated by crypto exchange FTX’s multibillion-dollar implosion late last year.

Cameron Winklevoss blasted Silbert in an open letter posted to Twitter, alleging that crypto broker Genesis Global Capital and DCG owe Gemini’s clients $900 million.

The letter alleges Gemini has awaited word on a repayment agreement for six weeks to no avail. In response, Silbert said his firm submitted a proposal to Genesis and Gemini’s advisers last Thursday.

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