$0.059 to $3+ By EOY? @ButWhenMoon Is Back…

January 26, 2022 7:12 pm Comments

In late 2021, we brought you the posts of a Twitter user who goes by @ButWhenMoon.

Few know who he actually is, but he seems to have good insight and information about Divi Labs and the Divi coin.

In late 2021, he began shouting from the rooftops that Divi was about to have major news.

Divi’s CEO Nick Saponaro poured fuel on the fire by saying it was true and not only true but “ten times bigger than what you think”.

That story and all the details can be found here:

Crypto Analyst Claims DIVI To Hit $2 “By End of Winter”

So what happened?

@ButWhenMoon was proven right and Divi exploded up to $0.18 on anticipation of the new announcement.

News then broke that one of the world’s largest soccer leagues (LaLiga) had partnered with Divi in a multi-year partnership.

That story was here:

LaLiga Selects DIVI As Official Crypto Wallet – A First For a Football League

While soccer may not be very popular in America, it is wildly popular around the world, and the LaLiga deal is set to bring significantly more eyeballs to Divi than an entire NFL and SuperBowl sponsorship would product, to put things into context.

The announcement was the real deal and the Divi logo soon began appearing all over the soccer stadiums:

Watch this:

Here are more pictures:

When we originally published our coverage of @ButWhenMoon we said we’ll see if he turns out to be accurate or just hype and he proved to have good information.

So now when he posts new alerts, we pay attention and we bring them to you.

At ProCoinNews, we don’t make price predictions or give financial advice, but we do cover the news when those who seem to have good information are shouting something from the rooftops.

Here’s the latest: @ButWhenMoon is on record saying that while Divi is $0.059 right now, he has it over $3.00 by end of year.

Yes, really.

Take a look:

For the record, if my math is right that would be a 4,900% gain.

What would drive such incredible growth in the value of the coin?

Well, it’s actually a lot, starting with this list from @MrJettip:

The Fiat Onramp seems to be perhaps the biggest driver in that list.

When paired with the millions of new users brought in by the LaLiga partnership, the ability to buy Divi directly in the mobile app without needing to go on exchanges or convert from a different coin first could bring an “AOL like” moment to crypto.

It wouldn’t be surprising as Divi’s mission is: Crypto Made Easy

Back to the growth drivers…

@ButWhenMoon claims “wallet downloads are surging” on the back of the LaLiga partnership:

Visibility + marketing campaigns = exponential growth:

What is it Warren Buffett always said?

Buy when others are fearful, and buy quality:

@ButWhenMoon continues with additional growth drivers, including a much-anticipated “massive telecom deal” and recent Series A funding:

One big conclusion strikes me from the LaLiga deal and the Series A funding: DUE DILIGENCE.

In both instances, the Soccer League and the Investors would no doubt have conducted substantial due diligence on Divi, the tech, the coin, the intellectual property, the company behind it, the leadership team…and the likelihood of sustainability and success in the future.

The fact that all decided to partner with Divi speaks volumes.

@ButWhenMoon makes a similar point:

He continues:

Another critical factor is wash trading and real, organic volume.

@ButWhenMoon explains:

DISCLAIMER: the author of this article owns Divi.

SECOND DISCLAIMER: the author of this article finds @ButWhenMoon absolutely fascinating and a compelling story to watch.

Above all else, we love a good story here at ProCoinNews and we love watching to see how things turn out.

Will @ButWhenMoon be proven right and will the market see a $3+ DIVI in 2022?

We will be watching and we’ll report back as the story developments.

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