100,000 Crypto Accounts On Twitter VANISH

June 19, 2023 12:14 pm Comments

Elon Musk was not kidding when he said he was going to crack down on accounts that appear as crypto scam.

Multiple reports have revealed over 100,000 accounts were either suspended or disabled for referencing the cryptocurrency project Metatime.

Shortly after the accounts were deleted, #FreeMetatime started to trend on Twitter.

The CEO of Metatime has spoken out against Twitter’s decision and has asked Musk to restore the accounts.

Here’s what UTB reported:

Elon Musk hinted that Twitter will become a bulwark of free speech under his leadership a few months before he purchased the microblogging service.

But ever since the firm was purchased, Twitter has changed drastically. In the most recent case of Twitter’s draconian censorship, over 100,000 accounts were either disabled or suspended last week for no reason other than referencing the nascent cryptocurrency project Metatime as part of a token airdrop campaign.

One of the most popular social media sites for cryptocurrency initiatives is Twitter, which they use to communicate with their audiences and exchange information. Therefore, it came as a major surprise when Twitter decided to suspend over 100,000 accounts for nothing more than retweeting and reposting messages published by Metatime.

The crypto community was outraged by Twitter’s most recent act of censorship, and thousands of people shared the hashtag #FreeMetaTime to call attention to what had happened and attempt to have the accounts unblocked.

Per Crypto Daily:

A few months before he bought Twitter, Elon Musk signaled that under his stewardship the microblogging platform would become a bastion of free speech.

But since buying the company, Twitter has become anything but. In the latest example of Twitter’s heavy-handed censorship last week, a staggering 100,000+ accounts were reportedly either blocked or suspended simply for mentioning an aspiring crypto project, Metatime, as part of a token airdrop campaign.

Twitter is one of the favorite social media platforms of crypto projects, serving as a place to share information and hold discussions with their communities. So the decision to ban over 100,000 accounts simply for retweeting and sharing messages posted by Metatime was a huge shock.

Horrified by Twitter’s latest act of censorship, the crypto community sprung into action, with thousands of people sharing the hashtag #FreeMetaTime to draw attention to what happened and try to get the accounts unblocked.

The #FreeMetaTime campaign was inspired by a tweet from Metatime CEO Yusuf Sevim, who appealed to Musk personally to intervene and get the locked, banned and suspended accounts back to their rightful owners.


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