Are You A Bored Ape Owner? BEWARE Of This Forbes Impersonation Scam!

November 27, 2023 11:37 am Comments

If you are a BAYC member then pay heed to this warning.

Scammers posing as journalists from the illustrious Forbes magazine are attempting to steal Bored Apes, and likely other digital assets, from Bored Ape holders. The thieves are attempting this by setting up interviews and then using remote controls to access the computers of those they are ‘interviewing.’ Coin Telegraph explained:

Earlier in November, blockchain security firm Slowmist detailed a number of scams in which victims lost crypto assets to fake journalists.

It reported that, after scheduling an interview, the attacker would guide victims to join the interview on Telegram, providing an interview outline, conducting a two-hour interview, and then providing the malicious link to consent to publication.

Obviously, many would jump at the chance to be interviewed by Forbes and wouldn’t suspect that hacking or crypto theft would occur via an interview.

Remote access to computers, cell phones, and other devices connected to the internet is a massive problem and this is a reminder to use the coldest storage possible to custody your funds.

Always be vigilant and weary of interviews, job offers, and airdrops that seem too good to be true, and all other scams—they’re becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. One user detailed his harrowing experience with the scammers:

Cryptopolitan highlighted one similar account:

This echoes a pattern of deception observed in October, where a fake Bloomberg journalist duped a user into clicking a link, resulting in the draining of their account.

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