Attorney John Deaton Reveals Crypto Portfolio, Find Out What’s Inside

December 4, 2023 10:12 am Comments

Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton has revealed the contents of his crypto portfolio.

The famed lawyer owns Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, in that order, and holds roughly 10x as much Bitcoin as he does XRP. He also revealed that XRP has the smallest allocation in his crypto portfolio.

Deaton also revealed that he continued to accumulate more XRP as the Ripple lawsuit dragged on. Pro-XRP Attorney John Deaton told his followers on the X social platform:

“Anyone who has seriously followed me knows this. When I sued the SEC, SEC lawyers like Jorge Tenreiro lied and told the Judge I was a disgruntled XRP holder who was upset because I bet on the wrong token and lost money.

The truth was when the SEC filed suit on December 22, 2020, I had made significant money on XRP. At the time, I owned 3 tokens, and XRP was my smallest investment behind BTC and ETH.

The SEC never lets the truth get in the way of their lies. The case was much bigger than XRP. But, I did buy more XRP AFTER the lawsuit because I knew we would win. Plus, It was like betting on myself and betting the judge would follow the law.”

Deaton explained: “Peter may have to get past the “XRP Attorney” label I was given when I sued the SEC. Let’s be honest, Ripple wasn’t/isn’t the most liked company in the industry and Chris Larsen donating money to Greenpeace regarding Bitcoin mining understandably angered many Bitcoiners.

I didn’t support it. A lot of people saw my actions in the Ripple case as helping Ripple, when in fact I didn’t care about Ripple. I own 10X more in BTC. Actually, in the video on live TV I predicted Judge Torres’ decision, saying she would find XRP not a security but that she wouldn’t let Ripple completely off the hook.

The main point is that the SEC’s conduct was wrong and unconstitutional. Hell, in 2015-2017 some at the SEC were trying to call Bitcoin a security. We have to fight against government overreach even if it’s against a defendant or project we don’t like – it’s a dangerous slippery slope.”

Cryptopolitan reports:

Deaton expressed his frustration with the SEC’s allegations against him and other XRP holders who had acquired the cryptocurrency on the secondary market.

He highlighted the absurdity and potential dangers of the SEC’s claims, particularly their assertion that XRP holders were in possession of an unregistered security.

A quick glance at all the assets John Deaton owns in his portfolio shows that Bitcoin and Ethereum are both experiencing upward price movement and moving toward forming new highs, while XRP is trading at around $0.61, down from its recent high of roughly ~$0.94.

U Today summed up and further clarified the famed attorney’s position:

The seasoned lawyer also underscored the pivotal factor that prompted his legal intervention, asserting that if the SEC had restricted its allegations solely to Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, he would not have pursued the case.

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