BitBoy Loses EVERYTHING? The Influencer’s Desperate Plea To Followers…

September 20, 2023 11:29 am Comments

Things have not been going well for Ben Armstrong, popularly known as BitBoy, ever since he reportedly lost control of his brand to its parent company— Hit Network.

The company announced that they were severing ties with Armstrong late last month, citing substance abuse issues and a toxic work environment as a result of those issues.

Now the crypto influencer is claiming that the Hit Network has taken everything from him and asked the crypto community to donate to his cause.

The crypto influencer posted this impassioned plea to X, formerly known as Twitter: “The fact is Hit Network has taken all my money from me so I can’t fight. I’m humbly asking anyone who has ever benefitted from my content or anything I’ve done to help donate to my legal fund to get BitBoy Crypto back.”

According to Daily Coin:

He described his current ordeal as the “most traumatic experience” of his life. Armstrong sought financial support from those who have “benefitted” from his work to continue his legal fight, providing Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano addresses for donations.

The crypto community was split in its response to Armstrong’s calls for financial support. Responses on Twitter were overwhelmingly negative, yet he has managed to raise a substantial amount of donations.

Coin Telegraph provided background context for the conflict between Armstrong and the Hit Network:

In an Aug. 28 announcement on YouTube and social media channels, a spokesperson said the company had reached its decision following efforts to assist Armstrong “during his relapse into substance abuse,” expressing regret for the end of the business relationship.

The firm claimed Armstrong had inflicted “emotional, physical and financial damage” on Hit employees and others in the space.

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