BREAKING: Binance CEO Speaks Out On LEAKED Binance Chat Logs

June 9, 2023 11:15 am Comments

Things just went from bad to worse for Binance. …

ProCoin News recently reported that the exchange has shifted to a ‘crypto only‘ exchange and will halt all USD deposits and withdrawals by June 13, 2023.

Regulators seem to be hitting the world’s largest centralized crypto exchange hard. …

As part of the ongoing SEC investigation into Binance, the SEC has reportedly leaked internal chat logs between executives at the exchange. …

The content of the chat logs certainly doesn’t bode well for Binance and even Chanpeng Zhao, the current CEO of Binance, has stated that they are incredibly ‘damaging’.

Adam Cochran provided many concerning portions of the chat logs and told the Twitter community that he will return with more. …

According to Cochran, there are over 80 other documents relating to Binance that he has to read through.

According to Crypto News:

“It’s ridiculous for the SEC to use this as a poster, but we’ll let the lawyers take care of it,” the crypto boss wrote.

The crypto boss also noted that even though the chat between Lim and Alvin was a “personal” complaint made five years ago, “it did a lot of damage to our reputation (and theirs).”

“Binance is cooperating with investigators. They usually ask for our chat history first. Everything you say could end up in court (or on the internet) someday.”



Decrypt focused on other comments the embattled CEO made:

The translated memo on Odaily also shows Zhao saying that employees “not satisfied working at Binance” should “seriously consider” their career options.

Binance did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation from Decrypt.

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