Cardano Founder Backs John Deaton’s Senate Campaign In A Big Way!

March 5, 2024 3:32 pm Comments

Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton recently announced his bid to take on Elizabeth Warren for her Senate seat.

However, not many expected Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson to come to his aid, but we are now seeing the industry come together to rally behind Deaton.

The founder of the Cardano blockchain announced that he has donated the maximum amount of money allowed to Deaton’s Senate campaign—a campaign that the entire crypto community is now watching closely.

Warren has been, perhaps, the most vocal anti-crypto Senator in the United States.

Hoskinson announced on X, formerly known as Twitter: “I just donated the maximum amount allowed for Deaton for Senate in his fight against Elizabeth Warren for Senate. We need people willing to take on the establishment against banks writing our laws and destroying the Crypto industry.”

Bitcoinist featured Deaton’s response to the generous donation:

“Charles, thank you for your generous contribution to my campaign for the US Senate. With your support, I am one step closer to success in November…If I could do it alone I would, but victory in November will only be possible with the help of friends like you.”

Hoskinson endorsed Deaton earlier this month: “I’m supporting Deaton for Senate against Senator Warren. We need people who value and support our industry representing us.”

U Today writes:

Hoskinson’s backing is unusual, as he is well known for his focus on Cardano and cryptocurrency in general, as seen by his tweets. Also, given the frothy relationship between the Cardano founder and the XRP community, the support for the XRP holders’ attorney might come as a surprise.

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