Coinbase Relisting XRP? 40 Million Reasons To Think So!

February 17, 2022 8:36 pm Comments

There is a lot of big news out today involving Coinbase and XRP and it’s leading many to believe Coinbase is gearing up to soon do something we have all waited years for: RELIST XRP.

It has to happen sometime and evidence is leading many to believe that sometime may be soon.  As soon as next week.

It all starts with a transfer made today of 40,000,000 XRP into a Coinbase wallet.

Yes folks, the digital asset Coinbase said none of us could trade was just traded (transferred) into their wallet.  40 million of them.  Hey Gary, is that 40 million SEC violations?  Or…has a deal already been reached?

I have a feeling we’ll see soon.

In the meantime, check this out:

Here is a zoom in of the transaction:

Speculation immediately started running wild:

Even BitBoy was all over it:

But that wasn’t all.

On the same day, people suddenly started noticing a new page at Coinbase that looked like this:

So the one digital asset that no one could buy for over a year is now suddenly being transferred to Coinbase by the millions and they just happen to publish a “How To Buy XRP” guide on the same day?

Folks, if you believe those things are just coincidences then I need to sell you that igloo from the Digital Asset Investor.

It’s a great igloo.

It happens to be located in Georgia and shipping is not until the summer, but it’s a great igloo and you will love it.

For everyone else, I think we can connect the dots…

I don’t have any inside information beyond what’s published in this article and I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow, but I have a feeling we might see XRP trading on Coinbase again in the very near future.

What do YOU think?

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