Decentraland (MANA) Metaverse Welcomes Samsung

February 12, 2022 6:33 pm Comments

Tech giant Samsung has joined the Decentraland metaverse as the company has reportedly built an entire city where the reveal of their latest phones and technology was livestreamed.

Samsung had aimed to provide an immersive experience within Decentraland by making the experience similar to a game where users could walk around and interact with the virtual environment.

The virtual city is called Samsung 837X where users are tasked with doing various tasks where the completion of the tasks would be rewarded with a virtual gift.

TrustNodes reports:

After entering through a portal at Samsung HQ, or Samsung 837X as they call their metaverse, you’re presented with a giant transparent genie of sorts (pictured above) that asks you to find and collect at least five boxes out of ten and bring them back for a promised gift.

And so the journey begins. There’s the theatre hall from which they livestreamed their big event, with a box hidden behind the streaming screen.

There’s the dancing disco arena with it having its own jumping portals, as well as some decent music.

And there’s the big forest to communicate the main message from Samsung: sustainability.

Finding most of the boxes requires going back in front of the HQ, where a flying car greets you on the side to give you a fun experience of trying to get to the roof, while also seeing the mini-city from above.

The completion of the tasks would most likely reward users with an NFT or an in-game wearable that can be used in some capacity within the Decentraland metaverse.

This would also happen to be the first NFT by the tech giant which would make it quite the milestone when it comes to global organizations getting involved with the Decentraland metaverse.

As a result, this was all good news for MANA holders or investors as it shows eventual mainstream and institutional adoption of the metaverse as well as showcasing practical applications on how it could be useful.

The event had thousands of people attending and the company indicates that this is just the first of many metaverse based events that it will be hosting.

As Decentraland is one of the first metaverses to really gain traction, it now holds a certain advantage over competitors and stands to gain especially awareness in the space continues to increase.

Crypto.News reports:

It’s now known that Samsung is just the latest to travel there. Next month, a fashion show is coming with the shopping district under construction and waiting for its debut.

Samsung says their metaverse will feature “quests, NFT prizes, product reveal events, and live performances.”

It makes Decentraland very much the prototyping playground for a new 3D medium that can potentially be the latest stage or dimension in the evolution of digital tech.

Several reports have been released about the tech giant launching three different variants of the next-generation Galaxy Tab at the event.

As more companies jump on board, this could spell good news for the mainstream adoption of the Decentraland metaverse that currently runs on its native token MANA.

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