Do Kwon’s Extradition Case Takes Yet ANOTHER TURN

March 5, 2024 2:43 pm Comments

Do Kwon’s extradition case has taken yet another turn.

The courts in Montenegro have reversed the decision to extradite the Terraform Labs co-founder several times now. Most recently, the court ruled that Do Kwon should be extradited to the United States.

In short, Do Kwon has won his appeal and will not be facing extradition to the United States, but will his victory last? We have already seen the court flip-flop on whether or not to extradite the crypto entrepreneur so many times.

Crypto enthusiasts and members of the Terraform community have been patiently watching his extradition cases in the hopes that he will eventually secure release.

What happens next in the unfolding saga of Do Kwon is anyone’s guess—perhaps next week we will see reports that the court has once again reversed this recent decision not to extradite. Here’s more on the story:

CoinDesk provided a portion of the court ruling:

According to the announcement, the case is heading for a retrial because “there are no clear and valid reasons for decisive facts regarding the order of arrival of requests” for extradition from the U.S. and South Korea.

Those in the Terra community celebrated Do Kwon’s recent legal victory and posited the news as bullish for Luna Classic (LUNC) and the broader Terra ecosystem.

Coin Telegraph added:

The High Court of Podgorica previously determined the legal requirements for Kwon’s extradition in November 2023, leaving the final decision on Kwon’s extradition to the minister of justice of Montenegro.

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