Fox Corp Teams Up With Polygon!

January 9, 2024 12:47 pm Comments

Fox Corp, the media giant that owns Fox News and the Fox suite of channels, has teamed up with Polygon.

At the center of the collaboration is the Verify protocol, which is used to verify that online content such as images, videos, and articles originated from a specific source—in this case, Fox.

This is being done to combat the growing problem of artificial intelligence deep fake videos and web content scraping by A.I. and large language models.

Projects such as ChatGPT and others scour the internet for content to teach their LLMs; generative A.I. also uses the content to generate the A.I. content itself.

Nothing ChatGPT or MidJourney creates is original. It is all based on an amalgamation of human inputs. Here’s what we currently know about the collaboration between Fox and Polygon:

Coin Telegraph confirmed:

The launch of the blockchain platform seemed to be aimed at addressing the rise in content used by AI tools by media organizations and other firms where citation or copyright issues are present.

Polygon said Verify would be able to confirm whether Fox-created content used on another platform had been verified by the media outlet.

One individual jokingly stated: “Fox Corp jumps on the blockchain train to tackle AI’s content-devouring tendencies! Can’t wait for robots to binge-watch our favorite shows now.”

The Block explained:

With the public beta launch of Verify on Jan. 8, “any media company can register content, from articles to audio to images, and grant usage rights to AI platforms.

Using the Verify tool, individual pieces of content are cryptographically signed on Polygon PoS, allowing consumers to identify content from trusted sources,” Polygon Labs continued, adding that Verify has since amassed 89,000 pieces of content across the corporation’s brands.

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