Let’s Go Brandon ($FJB) Cryptocurrency Skyrockets 1000%

December 25, 2021 8:22 am Comments

A new cryptocurrency called Let’s Go Brandon ($FJB) has just skyrocketed to 1,000% after Steve Bannon gave the token recognition on his latest episode of the War Room.

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon invited Boris Epshteyn to the War Room to talk about a new cryptocurrency called Let’s Go Brandon  ($FJB).

Both Bannon and Epshteyn stated that $FJB will be the go to token for Conservatives and will help support the MAGA movement.

Bannon also told his viewers that they should no longer depend on the elites financial system so instead everyone should invest in cryptocurrency.

Currently $FJB can be bought and sold on Pancakeswap with the contract address that can be found on Coin Gecko.

Newsweek had more on the story:

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon promoted a new “alternative” cryptocurrency—$FJB coin—he has worked to develop during a Thursday episode of his podcast, saying it well help supporters of former President Donald Trump “F Joe Biden” and “fight for America.”

During his Thursday episode, Bannon spoke with right-wing political strategist Boris Epshteyn about their $FJB coin venture. They claimed that the new cryptocurrency would help those connected to the “Make America Great Again” (or MAGA) movement “fight” for Trump and their country.

“We are now saying, ‘screw Joe Biden,'” Bannon told listeners. “We’ve got a coin—it’s got, the imprint is that, OK. It shows your total and complete independence, right? Our non-reliance—and you’re going to very quickly have non-reliance on their financial system. So no longer can they bother you,” he said.

Kalkin Media got the scoop too:

The price of Let’s Go Brandon! (FJB) the cryptocurrency surged 252 per cent to US$ 0.003348 in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the 24-hour volume of FJB crypto skyrocketed over 1,230 per cent.

The FJB crypto was launched in October this year, and it is the native coin of Let’s Go Brandon, a project which is looking to build a decentralized media organization.

Why is FJB crypto soaring?
The price of FJB crypto surged after Steve Bannon, the former White House advisor, said that this cryptocurrency can help supporters of former US President Donald Trump and ‘fight for America’.

In 2016, Mr Bannon served as the chief executive officer of the presidential campaign for Donald Trump.

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