Ripple CTO Offers Terminated Twitter Employees A Helping Hand

November 6, 2022 7:57 am Comments

Ripple CTO offered thousands of laid of Twitter workers a glimmer of hope.

Just hours after reports surfaced that 3,700 Twitter workers were fired CTO of Ripple David Schwartz took to Twitter and wrote.

As reported earlier by Procoinnews, Ripple is in the process of expanding its operations even more.

Ripple’s official Twitter account posted a tweet last month that stated “If you’re interested in using crypto to tackle real-world problems, we’re hiring!”

According to reports recently cut close to 30% of its employees whereas Coinbase cut close to 18%.

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Ripple however has been hiring more and more employees and their latest tweets reveal they are not done yet!

CNN added these details:

witter had about 7,500 workers prior to Musk’s takeover, meaning roughly 3,700 employees were laid off. The cuts come as Musk attempts to improve the company’s bottom line after taking out significant debt financing to fund his $44 billion acquisition.

The email sent Thursday evening notified employees that they would receive a notice by 12 p.m. ET Friday that informs them of their employment status.

“If your employment is not impacted, you will receive a notification via your Twitter email,” a copy of the email obtained by CNN said. “If your employment is impacted, you will receive a notification with next steps via your personal email.”

Many XRP holders weren’t too fond of the idea of fired Twitter employees working at Ripple:

Many hoped Schwartz was just trolling:

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