Ripple Lawsuit: Keep Your Eyes On November 30th

November 24, 2022 11:39 am Comments

November 30th could prove to be a momentous day in the ongoing Ripple vs S.E.C. lawsuit.

This marks the date that both sides must submit their summary judgment briefs to the court for review and potential redactions to the material…

At least one experienced litigator believes that what is submitted on behalf of Ripple Labs may strongly indicate whether or not a settlement is coming.

Typically, it is customary for each side to submit evidence to the court before going public with the material.

If Ripple chooses to include the now infamous Hinman documents in their summary brief, it indicates that the fight will continue and likely intensify.

However, if Ripple chooses to exclude the documents from the brief, it is a strong indicator that a potential settlement is likely.

Here are the conditions that Brad Garlinghouse believes would make an acceptable settlement:

Attorney Bill Morgan shared his perspective via News BTC:

The Ripple reply may be one of the most telling documents filed in the case to date and certainly one of the top few I have eagerly awaited.

Morgan believes, based on his experience as a mediator, that a settlement agreement between the SEC and Ripple is a real possibility. Further, he noted that a settlement agreement could be reached at any time, without the public’s knowledge. “[N]obody outside the parties will know until the parties say it has settled.”


ZY Crypto explains:

Prominent legal experts like Rhode Island attorney John Deaton previously agreed that the SEC would rather settle with Ripple than have the Hinman documents used as evidence in court. Notably, Ripple’s general counsel, Stuart Alderoty, has clarified that they will settle immediately and pay a fine if the SEC proclaims that XRP doesn’t qualify as a security.

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