SBF Assembles Expert Witness Team

September 1, 2023 2:17 pm Comments

Sam Bankman-Fried is attempting to assemble a team of expert witnesses.

The proposed expert witness team will consist of seven individuals and include former FTX employees and those familiar with FTX’s code.

Sources claim that Bankman-Fried is ready to pay some of these experts $1,200 per hour for their testimony in court.

Despite his rush to secure a team, the Department of Justice is fighting back against his proposed list of trial witnesses.

CoinDesk reports: “The Justice Dept argues that SBF’s proposed expert witnesses are unnecessary for his upcoming trial. They plan to call Gary Wang and Nishad Singh, key figures in writing FTX’s code, as witnesses.”

Inner City Press highlights the significance of the decision to pay the experts so much money.

“I know that expert witnesses are paid. And often well paid, as in the US v. Trevor Milton (Nikola hydrogen vehicle scam) trial I covered here. But that SBF is paying them $1200 an hour, & 2000 British Pounds an hour, to prepare, & US opposing them, is notable.”

Coin Telegraph confirmed:

Some of the witnesses, such as former Federal Election Commission Chairperson Bradley Smith, will charge SBF’s legal team $1,200 an hour to testify about issues such as the United States’ campaign finance laws and straw donors, according to a court filing on Aug. 28.

One concerned individual had this to say regarding the disgraced CEO’s expert witness team:

“The DOJ has solid grounds to bar SBF’s expert witnesses from testifying. SBF gambled away $10 billion, of other people’s money, at the crypto casino and must pay the price like any other degenerate gambler who stole to stake his bankroll.

To paraphrase Samuel L Jackson from the apartment scene in Pulp Fiction: “Our name is the DOJ and you ain’t talking you way out of this one SBF.”

News BTC reports:

Mr. Vinella seems to be SBF’s primary expert witness as he is set to opine on various topics, including FTX’s operations and how the company took “commercially reasonable steps” to protect customers’ funds despite the lack of regulatory clarity in the US.

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