SO IT BEGINS: Did BearableGuy123 Predict BG In Davos…With Near Perfection?

May 25, 2022 7:05 pm Comments

Whenever I cover BearableGuy123, I always have to start with the same disclaimer…

WARNING: if you do not like riddles and cartoon bears, this article is not for you!

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, for everyone who is still here, let’s dig in!

We’ve covered the Cartoon Bear many times before here at ProCoinNews…

From December 4, 2021, there was this one:

David Schwartz, The Antarctic and Riddle Bear?

And then on Christmas Eve last year there was a very famous one:

The Cartoon Bear Is Back On Christmas Eve! March 13, 2022?

And that’s the one I actually want to talk about today, because honestly my mind is a bit blown right now.

I’ll just lay it out there and you can make up your own mind, but for me I’m currently like this:


And no, I’m not exaggerating.

Let me show you…

First, credit to Working Money Channel for covering this first and getting the conversation going.

You can watch his excellent video here:

But let’s look at that image he has for his thumbnail, because that’s what we’re talking about here.

So the image on the left is the BearableGuy123 image posted Christmas Eve 2021.

The image to the right is Brad Garlinghouse on stage in Davos in May 2022.

Look at the background of the calendar on the left and the background of the stage on the right:

I mean, come on!

It’s the EXACT same background!

Even the Riddle-haters have to admit this is a little bit uncanny…

Oh, and the three legged table just happens to be in the middle?

I’m not much of a fan but @BabaCugs points out these things can only be coincidences so many times before you have to admit someone has inside information:

But it’s not just inside information, it’s predicting it in advance, five months earlier!

Acez was one of the first to point out the similar three legged tables, which again must just be a weird coincidence:

And then you have the mountains…

There are no mountains in the image on the left, but there are three stockings which just so happen to match up to, you guessed it, three mountains from an earlier BearableGuy riddle.

So you have three mountains on the left and three mountains in the background image on the right…

The planning and foresight of all of these things is truly becoming uncanny.

Others noticed ever more details like this from Tray Ho:

And then you have the sun, appearing in the exact same spot on both images, over the month of August.

Is August going to be a “hot month”?

Is the time finally here?

It sure looks like it’s all coming together.

Whether you like the riddles or not…whether you BELIEVE in the riddles or not…we all have to admit one thing: Brad Garlinghouse is the only prominent representation of crypto at Davos.

Literally running in the most elite of the elite circles:

Why Is Brad Garlinghouse Listed On World Economic Forum Website?

That’s not up for debate.

That’s not a riddle.

Just the truth.

And not only is he there but he’s meeting with Prime Ministers of other countries:

Ripple CEO Meets With Georgian Prime Minister To Discuss Blockchain Adoption

No offense to #DOGE or #SHIB or even #ETH (full disclosure: the author of this article owns all of the above), but I don’t see representatives from any meme coins at Davos and I don’t see Vitalik or Joseph Lubin either…

But I do see one Brad Garlinghouse.

Riddle me THAT!

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