Travala Integrates with Hedera (HBAR) for Booking Travels

March 4, 2022 7:28 pm Comments

The HBAR Foundation recently announced a partnership with a leading crypto-friendly travel agency named Travala to integrate their platform with the Hedera ecosystem.

This means that Hedera’s native token, HBAR, can now be used on the travel platform to book hotels, airplane tickets, and thousands of other travel related activities that the platform supports.

The Travala platform has seen significant growth in the past few years due to the rise of remote workers in this modern age where these workers are often labeled as ‘digital nomads’.

Among this digital nomad community, many are often investors of crypto and hold a significant portion of their wealth using digital assets.

CryptoNewz reports:

In recent years, there’s been an increase in the number of remote workers around the world. The term “digital nomad” refers to workers who do not have a workplace to which they are tied.

It is approximated that 16 percent of these digital nomads possess crypto assets, which have a combined financial value of $787 billion annually.

Much more noteworthy is the rise of the ‘distributed workforce,’ or a working population that extends further than the confines of a typical office.

Distributed businesses perform operational processes with geographically diverse staff by implementing key technologies.

As more businesses adopt this framework, a bigger proportion of the working population will be eligible to function and conduct business from wherever. Travala offers good service in this location.

With HBAR now being an available payment option on Travala, it demonstrates real world use cases of the Hedera ecosystem such as providing minimal transaction costs and fast service.

This is helpful for travelers as it provides reliability to users who are making a purchase on the platform where they know they will pay exactly the amount that is displayed when making a booking.

Hedera was also chosen due to the fact that it was built for scalability as the high throughput of the network will allow it to support many transactions at once and will ensure that rapid growth will not be an issue for the company.

With this new integration, investors are expecting that this could be the beginning of Hedera taking more market share in the travel industry as the blockchain of choice.

HBarFoundation reports:

“As we continue to expand our network of cryptocurrency accessibility, we’re particularly excited to onboard HBAR, as is Hedera one of the fastest and most energy-efficient networks,” said Shane Sibley,

“HBAR is accelerating the payment process with their transaction speeds for bookings, thus creating a better user experience and journey for travelers.”

As we move forward, we envision that the cheap, fast, secure, and efficient payment utility of HBAR will enable it to become a go-to choice of crypto payment for the many thousands of users on Travala.

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