UPDATE ON OPUS: SEC Head Gensler Goes “Radio Silent” To Fox News On Ripple/SEC Story

November 17, 2021 8:43 pm Comments

Members of the XRP Army know all about the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, infamously filed on December 22, 2020.

But the rest of America?

They’ve probably never heard of it, and that’s because the Mainstream Media — including the financial media — has absolutely refused to cover it.

Media blackout.

In fact, that kind of deliberate bias is one reason we started this site:  to tell the truth.

To get out stories that no one else will cover.

And now finally we’re getting some support.

Charles Gasparino and Eleanor Terrett, both from Fox News, have recently picked up on the story and it looks like they know they hooked a big one.

You can smell when you’re on to something big and one dead giveaway is when the subject of the story refuses to even return your calls.

That’s what Eleanor Terrett just reported.

After working up what Gasparino and Terrett are calling their [magnum] Opus, they sent an advance draft to SEC Chair Gary Gensler for his comment, and Terrett reports Gensler and the entire SEC suddenly went “radio silent”:

Hey Gary, isn’t your job to protect investors?

Isn’t your job to listen to investors?

Isn’t your job to take basic questions from the Media, especially when 60,000 of those Americans are currently suing you?


Garrrrrry….are you there?

Things are not going well for Gensler online, with hundreds, if not thousands, of Tweets just like this one being fired at Gensler on a daily basis:

John Deaton sums it up in one sentence:  No Comment says it all.

He’s right.

Deaton is the attorney who is now suing the SEC in a class action lawsuit on behalf of 60,000 (and growing!) XRP holders.

More information here on how you can join the suit.

XRP The Standard Productions always has a hilarious take on the situation:

But now let’s dig in a little deeper, because this is a serious matter.

I have a feeling Gasparino and Terrett’s “Opus” just might feature this clip:


Why did ETH get a free pass Garrrrry?

And here’s more….

Deaton put together a brilliant tweet thread laying it all out….

Where is the Media on this?

This should be front page news:

We’ll continue tracking this story and we’re not going to let up.

Check back for more details and be sure to bookmark ProCoinNews.com.

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