WATCH: Trump Says Bitcoin Is “An Additional Form Of Currency”

March 11, 2024 1:42 pm Comments

In a recent phone interview with CNBC, President Trump shared that Bitcoin is “an additional form of currency.”

In the interview, Trump expressed that his administration would not crack down on Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

On CNBC’s Squawk Box, Trump shared, “I have seen there has been a lot of use of digital currencies.”

“And I’m not sure that I’d want to take it away at this point,” added Trump.

Watch his entire statement on Bitcoin here:


Donald Trump suggested Monday that if he were elected president again, his administration would not crack down on the use of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using regulatory authority.

“I have seen there has been a lot of use of that,” Trump said, referring to the digital currency, during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“And I’m not sure that I’d want to take it away at this point,” he added.

Trump, who is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, described himself a traditionalist in terms of currency who, “used to say, ‘I want one currency, I want the dollar, I don’t want people leaving the dollar.’”

But he added that when he recently launched a line of expensive Trump-branded sneakers, “I noticed that so many of them were paid for with this with a new currency … you know, cryptocurrency and I couldn’t believe the amount.”

Asked if he had himself had bought bitcoin, Trump replied, “No, no, no, but I sometimes will let people pay through bitcoin.”

Per Cointelegraph:

Former United States President Donald Trump indicated his administration would take a possibly positive position on cryptocurrency if he were to be elected to the White House again. He spoke about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in an interview with CNBC released on March 11.

“It’s taken [on] its own life. Sometimes I do little things for fun and, you know, make money with it,” Trump said. He said he has not bought Bitcoin, but “[I] will sometimes let people pay through Bitcoin.” He added:

“If you think of it, it’s an additional form of currency […] They’re crazy new currencies. That’s what I call them. You know, whether it’s Bitcoin or others.” The former Republican president and current presidential candidate released a run of 1,000 branded sneakers. Many of the pairs were paid for in cryptocurrency, “and I couldn’t believe the amount,” he said.

Trump had expressed skepticism about cryptocurrency when he was in office but signaled earlier this year that his attitude had changed. Trump called cryptocurrency a “scam” while president, and reportedly told Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to “go after Bitcoin.”

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