WATCH: UFC Fighter Champions Sound Economics And Bitcoin

April 14, 2024 4:45 pm Comments

Brazilian UFC fighter Renato Moicano isn’t just a mixed-martial artist—he’s somewhat of an economist as well.

The UFC star recently made a somewhat unusual request after his ringside victory; Moicano implored the audience to read the work of classic free market economist Ludwig Von Mises.

Mises has long been a staple for libertarians and sound money advocates.

That’s not all though, the UFC fighter also took to social media to ask for a prospective $300,000 bonus to be paid out in Bitcoin.

Many in the intellectual and influencer communities took note of Moicano’s surprising comments at the UFC:

Investopedia featured this entry on Mises:

As an economist, Ludwig von Mises was known for his consistent adherence to the principles of laissez-faire and strong resistance to government intervention in economic matters.

He closely followed the teachings of Carl Menger, founder of the Austrian School of Economics. Menger’s “subjective theory of value” is one of the most influential insights in economics, citing that people will exchange something they value less for something they value more.

The UFC star took to social media to ask for a presumptive $300,000 bonus to be payable in Bitcoin and once again implored his fans to check out the writings of Ludwig von Mises.

Finbold reports that Moicano did not win the bonus money:

However, Max Holloway received the $300,000 Performance of the Night bonus after an impressive victory against Justin Gaethje. Despite losing the bonus, Renato Moicano showed sportsmanship and said Holloway deserved the prize.

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