Who CAN We Trust In Congress? Meet Warren Davidson…

February 16, 2022 8:59 am Comments

I’m going to be very careful with this article because we’ve been burned before by politicians who promise one thing and deliver another, but Warren Davidson appears to be the real deal.

And by that I mean he recognizes the incredible importance crypto has to liberty and to our financial system.

We spend a lot of time talking about who we want to VOTE OUT in Congress, and rightly so, but right now I want to talk about one of the good guys.

If you’ve been following the news in Canada, you know about the trucker convoy and blockade.

What you may not have heard about is new Canadian legislation that allows banks to seize funds and shut off bank accounts to anyone “suspected” of aiding the convoy.

That should send a big chill down your spine.

It’s bail-outs and bail-ins on steroids folks!

One man is fighting against it, take a look:

From Reuters:

Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD.TO) has frozen two personal bank accounts into which C$1.4 million ($1.1 million) had been deposited to support protesters fighting the Canadian government’s pandemic measures, a bank spokesperson said on Saturday.

The demonstrations, dubbed the “Freedom Convoy” by Canadian truckers opposing a vaccination mandate for cross-border drivers as well as other pandemic restrictions, are now in their third week. They have gridlocked the capital Ottawa and blocked U.S.-Canada border crossings, damaging trade between the two countries.

Early on Saturday, Canadian police began clearing protesters blocking a key bridge linking Canada and the United States. read more

TD applied to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on Friday to take the funds, which were sent through GoFundMe and bank transfers, so they can either be sent to the intended recipients or returned to the donors “who have requested refunds but whose entitlement to a refund cannot be determined by TD,” the bank said in a statement.

Davidson’s new legislation is called the KYC Act, a play on “Know Your Customer” but in this case it stands for “Keep Your Coins”.

Here’s more:

From Bitcoin Magazine:

U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) introduced legislation entitled the “Keep Your Coins Act” this morning. This comes in the wake of mounting concerns over crackdowns on civil liberties in Canada, as private companies and the Canadian government leverage control of the legacy financial system to disrupt ongoing protests over COVID-19 policies.

If passed, the bill would prevent any agency head from prohibiting or otherwise restricting “the ability of a covered user to— (1) use virtual currency or its equivalent for such user’s own purposes, such as to purchase real or virtual goods and services for the user’s own use; or (2) conduct transactions through a self-hosted wallet.”

Bitcoin Magazine sat down with Congressman Davidson to discuss the bill:

I know self-custody has been on your mind for a while now. What prompted today’s move?

We started working on the text after it was obvious that Secretary Yellen would resurrect the effort to restrict self-custody. If they can’t stop crypto, they want to try to move it to an account-based system.

What does the bill accomplish?

It takes the FinCen language that’s been out there for a while now and provides a framework for KYC that protects self-custody.

Davidson has been fighting the good fight since at least 2018:

We don’t get political here, but it’s worth noting (however this strikes you) that he has Trump’s endorsement:

Here is his latest ad:

Now let’s shift gears and talk about who might need voted out…

It’s Time To Vote With Our Checkbooks!

This is a call to mobilize!

Many voting blocks exist in America:

Republicans and Democrats…

Unions and Non-Unions…

White Collar and Blue Collar…

And on and on it goes.

But one voting block holds a lot more power than most in Washington realize: Cryptocurrency holders.

“HODLers” to be precise.

Cryptocurrency may still be in its early stages, but more people hold crypto than you might expect.

According to PEW Research, 16% of Americans own or have owned cryptocurrencies:

With an estimated total population of 329,500,000 in 2020, 16% would equate to 52,720,000 voters!

These figures line up very closely with this report that says 46 million Americans now own Bitcoin (just BTC):

If 52 million Americans all voted together on a single issue of cryptocurrency support and innovation, it would undoubtedly carry any election in the United States, all the way up to the office of the President.

By comparison, the 2016 Presidential election garnered approximately 60 million votes for each candidate.

Now imagine this power applied to smaller elections like candidates for Congress…

The Crypto-Voting-Block has the power to remove and replace any member of Congress who does not support American innovation in cryptocurrency.

At ProCoinNews, we don’t promote Republican or Democrat…we promote American innovation and leadership!

Just like America did with the internet, we need to lead the way with cryptocurrencies and we’re currently not doing that.

We’re currently allowing are system to be bogged down in a web of corruption with Gary Gensler at weaving his way all around the web of regulatory confusion and members of Congress who have long-overstayed their welcome doing their part to handicap America at every turn.

We say no more.


And we’ve just updated our “Web of Corruption” graphic to include one of the most anti-crypto members of Congress out there: Jim Himes.

Who is Jim Himes you ask?

He’s the guy who did this:

Don’t worry DAI, we’ve got him added!


And I had to laugh at this from Mike.ada…

Mike is giving Jim Himes his own acronym just like FJB (if you don’t know what that means, the JB stands for Joe Biden and the F stands for, well….F — ).

Congrats Jim, you just got your own: #FJH

Behold the updated Web of Corruption with Jim Himes’ mug front and center:

It’s not political…

It’s not Republicans or Democrats…you’ll notice there are R’s and D’s in the image above!

It’s about who truly wants innovation and leadership for America.

@XRPMEMEGUY said it best with this one:


I don’t give financial advice here…you want to buy a meme coin?  Go for it.  But whatever you do, I will definitely tell you to never buy a Sherman Inu…and that IS financial advice! 😂

I write this article in January of 2022, a midterm election year.

Many anti-crypto members of Congress are up for re-election and I want to start right now getting a list of who we want voted out!

So please help me do two things:

ONE, please let a comment below and give me the names of your Senators and Representatives and let me know if they are pro-crypto or if they need VOTED OUT.

TWO, let’s take some action together and send a message 52 million strong, shall we?

Please tap the Tweet button below and it will preload a Tweet with a link to this article and a message saying: “We are voting out ANYONE who is slowing down American innovation in crypto!”  There will also be space for you to tag your Senators and Representatives.

Tap here and help us send a message!

One last thing…

Not only to do we want to vote out the anti-crypto members of Congress, we also want to support the ones who are pro-crypto and pro-American innovation.

If your Senator or Representative is pro-crypto, leave a comment below and tell us who the good people are!

And if you are a pro-crypto, pro-American innovation member of Congress or work for one, we’d love to interview you and give your message a platform to reach more Americans because we need you.

Send us a message and we’ll happy to set up an interview.

Together we have WAY more power than most any of us realize…it’s time to use it!

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